No matter what type of print business you run, you know that many jobs are not as simple as ‘quote, print, ship and invoice – done.’

Printers and other related companies, such as design agencies, can easily spend an entire year on a single campaign - consuming hours, materials and other resources from multiple departments for the duration of the order.

With this in mind, PrintVis 2018 gives you Project Management - a simple and powerful way to oversee every facet of those elaborate projects that may include extended consultancy hours, recurring design work, multiple production runs and shipments – all the underlying elements of a large campaign which needs to be properly managed for a successful business.

This document explains how to use the new PrintVis Project Management functionality. Currently, no additional setup is required when using this in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Case Card

Fields and Buttons for Project Management on the Case Card

There is no setup needed to begin using Project Management.

  • On an order, insert the ID number on the field «Belongs to Project»

        If you use the same ID, so that the project belongs to itself, then it will become a main project

        and marked in bold.

  • Also, the button in the ribbon and “action” can be used, for creating a case to a main project.
  • A Project Manager can be designated in the field Project Manager (Have to be marked in PV User setup with Coordinator)
  • It can be shown in the Project Management list

To the right you will be able to see the fact box with the primary information about the project


Project Management

Project Management Overview


The Project Management Overview consists of only a single page.


The Ribbon


Along the top (the Ribbon) there are buttons with different functions, and on the main part of the page there are columns which can be changed for Users/Project Managers. The filters etc. are like all other pages in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • New: Create a new order
  • Edit: Open and change an order on which you are working
  • View, Edit List and Delete: As normal in Dynamics 365 Business Central


All buttons in the first marking are standard PV functions you also will find on the case card.


To the right are standard 365 Business Central buttons as on most pages.

  • «Refresh Project List»: Will update the page if any change is made.
  • «Add Case»: Will add a subproject to the active line.
  • Could be direct under the main project or a subproject (10 levels possible)
  •  «Collapse» and «Expand»: Here is it possible to hide subprojects, so only the main projects are visible
  • «Insert»: Insert a line of the type based on the category of the active line (project, subproject)
  • «Move up/Move down»: Move a project or subproject and any connected projects up or down in the list (the sorting must be in use, to be able to move up/down)
  • «Filter On project»: It is possible to filter on the project and only see the one Main project
  • «Show/Hide archived»: Make Filter so it is possible to view or hide Archived projects.
  • «Show All»: All projects will be shown (Other filters set manually will still be active)


Project Management columns


The Columns


A: Main Projects (In bold) and the related subprojects


B: Main Projects with more subprojects and with the view of more levels of the subprojects


C: Project sorting (Will also move the related subproject)


D: Project name + order number on the main project


E: Project manager


F: Number of shipments and the amount of shipped shipments


 (The shipment can also be opened directly with button)


G: Sum on main project from the subprojects both calculated, invoiced and the remaining values.


H: One single Main Project with status both for the values and the hours (see below)


H: One single Main Project with status both for the values and the hours


I: As above on values, but here it is hours