This document will summarize the setup for the Web2PrintVis integration with the 3rd-party product uStore by XMPie.

The uStore solution is a web shop for B2B and B2C. It offers easy and flexible maintenance of the products sold over this portal. Products can be configured manually.

On the PrintVis side, standard setup and interfacing structures are used. This document only describes the special setup needed to run uStore as a web frontend. Details about this functionality can be found in the Whitepaper “How-to: Setup Web2PrintVis,” which can be found by searching for Web2PrintVis on the PrintVis Support Portal.

All jobs that are confirmed in uStore will create a sales order and PrintVis case in 365 Business Central/PrintVis and detailed parameters will be exchanged as well.

Details about the uStore setup can be found in the uStore manual, available at XMPie.

Connect XMPie with the PrintVis Database

365 Business Central/PrintVis setup


The connection between uStore and PrintVis is realized through the XMPIE web service, which needs to be set up and published on the 365 Business Central/PrintVis database:

Path: /Departments/Administration/Services/Web Services: Make sure the web service based on Codeunit 6010942 is set up and published.

The Field SOAP URL contains the URL for the uStore to communicate with PrintVis. The Service Name needs to be XMPIE.


Set up a user with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Password Authentication:

Make sure that the user has permission set SUPER.

Web2PrintVis Frontend Setup

It is not mandatory to name the store “USTORE.” Select XMPie in the field “Web Shop System.”

Select Webservice as Method Receive Files. Enter the address to the store’s Response URL (should be webshop base address + /uStoreWSAPI.

Namespace should be uStoreWSAPI.

Login and password should be a user/system account with permission to integrate.

This is just an example of the setup. Details about this setup can be found in the Whitepaper “How-to: Setup Web2PrintVis.”

For the field Prod. Order Template you need to setup a 365 Business Central template; The field “Order Type” should be filled with the order type you are using for XMPie orders.

Data Conversion

On the Frontend setup page there is a button to open the Data Conversion page.

Create one line for Web Shop Value ‘3,’ -  this status code should be used when uStore is ready with the composition (PDF generated).

There is also the possibility to set up mapping between uStore shipping agent and 365 Business Central shipping agent and shipping agent service code here.

Status Code

To be able to send back signals to uStore, you need to set up the field “External Status Description.” 

There is one predefined signal and a list of custom signals.

SENDTOPRODUCTION – to send the “send to production”- signal back, enter the text SENDTOPRODUCTION on one of the status codes in the field “External Status Description”.

There is also support for moving the uStore job to a specific queue in uStore; Specify the queue number on the status code in the field “External Status Description” - please look in the uStore setup for the list of uStore queues.


For all items that are set up in the catalog, PrintVis will send updated inventory levels to uStore with any changes in stock.


uStore Setup

uStore uses a locally-published web application to be able to communicate with 365 Business Central. Please follow the instructions.


Create a new trigger, click on Trigger setup, click on new

WebService address should be:

On Select template, select one and click on the copy icon. Give the copy a name, PrintVis SOAP

Copy and paste this text into the Template:

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.1">
  <xsl:output method="xml" encoding='UTF-8' indent="yes" />
  <xsl:variable name="PrintVisText">PrintVis</xsl:variable>
  <xsl:template match="/">

Save the rule.

Install the WebApplication plugin for XMPie

Copy the XMPiePrintVis.asphx file to <root of iis webserver folder for xmpie>\XMPie\uStore\App\Common\uStore.CommonControls

Place the other 3 files in <root of iis webserver folder for xmpie>\XMPie\uStore\App\Common\uStore.CommonControls\bin

Open <root of iis webserver folder for xmpie>\XMPie\uStore\App\Common\uStore.CommonControls\Web.config

Add this text before  </appSettings>
(replace username and password with correct values) If you have a domain add the domain as normal DOMAIN\USERNAME

WebService should be the address to the web service that was published in the beginning of this article.

<add key="WebService" value="" />
<add key="Username" value="USERNAME" />
<add key="Password" value="PASSWORD" />

Test the plugin, open

In a web browser on the XMPie server. A log entry should be created in PrintVis Inbound Log.

Setup on products in uStore

On the uStore product there is a setting for External ID, enter the 365 Business Central item no. here.