Conversion/Go-Live Plan - Various Approaches

In general the conversions before a go-live are handled differently from project to project, as most Partners typically have their own methodology they want to follow.

However, PrintVis has made a tool that most Partners have found quite useful. 

This is Report 6011049 "Clear Company Pre Go-Live."

This report will delete all postings, production orders, invoices, etc. - and leave only the remaining setup data needed for a go-live. It requires a Developer license to run and it is recommended you try it first in a copy of the company.

In some projects, the Implementation Partner will run this clean-up function after user acceptance - and then start posting inventory count, financial postings, etc.

In other projects you would instead gradually "build" your "go-live" company with inventory, opening balance, etc. - and then use this report to get a clean company with the PrintVis setup data. This setup data can then easily be transferred to the go-live company with Rapidstart.

After the PrintVis setup data is in the "go-live" company, you need to have a discussion with the customer about what transactional data is needed - and again this differs from project to project (also based on the customers budget).

Some companies will not take over any former production orders. They will manually create the orders in progress and have a production plan ready for day 1, and then create new orders as they come in.

In other projects the customer wishes to extract some information from old orders, to keep the history for a customer - and this will typically be done with RapidStart.

Finally, some companies may also want to post the value of work in progress (WIP) on each order. This is only relevant for companies that have large orders in progress over several months. In those cases we simply make a special unit of measure for that, and post the value in a Consumption Journal.037:416381